Drug hotlines (drug addiction help lines) provide support and options for those who are using, abusing, or addicted to drugs. Each drug addiction hotline has its own charter and goals, but all are committed to helping end drug addiction.


Drug Abuse Hotline
(844) 244-3171

Addiction Center
(844) 661-1366 Addiction Center Website An excellent resource for understanding drug misuse prevention and recovery.

The National Poison Control Center
(800) 222-1222 This number offers a free, confidential service that allows you to speak to a poison control professional (including cases involving drugs and/or alcohol).

National Institute on Drug Abuse Hotline
(800) 662-4357

Cocaine Anonymous
(800) 347-8998

National Help Line for Substance Abuse
(800) 262-2463

Florida Council Compulsive Gambling Hotline (888) 236-4848